Tourist Visitors

If you are visiting the Ƶ as a tourist, please use the entrance on Ƶ Lane. This is the original entrance to the Ƶ, dating from our foundation in the 14th century. If you use , find the exact location of the entrance at 

For more details on our opening hours and prices, please go to our dedicated page on visiting the Ƶ


Old front gate with building above and walls either side. Windows and statues in the building.

The tourist entrance on Ƶ Lane

Ƶ Events and Deliveries

The main entrance to Ƶ is on Holywell Street, not through Ƶ Lane (the original entrance to the Ƶ). 

If you are using SatNav to find us, set 'Holywell Street' as the destination rather than the postcode as the postcode will take you to the Ƶ Lane entrance. If you use , you can find the precise location of the entrance at

Please be advised that there is a shortage of parking spaces within the Ƶ and on-street parking in the surrounding area is severely restricted. Visitors having to bring cars are encouraged to


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