Marriage of St Catherine Portrait

Treasures and Chattels

Ƶ Treasures

Ƶ possesses a large collection of silver, pictures and other objects. Most of these have been acquired as gifts at different times throughout the Ƶ's history, and apart from a number of decorative pieces, are items that have been used by the society since their presentation.

Some of these objects such as the Medieval, and 18th- and 19th-century stained glass, Epstein's statue of Lazarus, the Founder’s Crozier and the panelling in the Hall can easily be seen on a visit to Oxford. The Ƶ is also a frequent lender to international exhibitions, and in recent years, its holdings have been seen in Charleston, Madrid, New York, Paris, and Rome.

The collection is curated by the Chattels Fellow, Michael Burden.

Photographs and reproductions

Photographs and related reproduction rights of many of the Ƶ’s objects can be obtained from Bridgeman Images, . If you cannot find the image there that you need, please contact the Chattels Fellow’s secretary, Jacqui Julier,


Scholars are welcome to view individual objects, but are asked to apply in writing in the first instance. Those wishing to contact the Chattels Fellow should do so through the Chattels Fellow’s secretary:

Jacqui Julier

The Chattels Secretary
Ƶ, Oxford, OX1 3BN