The Ƶ Fellowship is the community which governs the Ƶ, conducts research and takes responsibility for the academic and personal development of the students. They are committed to creating a dynamic, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere here.

Miles Young is the Warden of Ƶ. The Warden is the Ƶ's elected Head of House with overall responsibility for all Ƶ affairs.


From the Warden

Miles Young

Dear visitor, 

Welcome - virtually - to Ƶ. Our buildings are some of the most beautiful in Oxford, but buildings don't make a community (though they are an enormously useful booster where the ingredients for a caring community pre-exist). Please try and assess us as a family of people and not just as a magnificent piece of built heritage. 

People often ask me what we believe. I like to think we are intolerant of intolerance. The Ƶ has had a long tradition of latitudinarianism in encompassing different creeds, backgrounds, races, beliefs, and orientations. It relishes debate between different viewpoints; and delights in both the traditions of the place and in the stimulus of innovation. 

Yours sincerely, 

Miles Young

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