Professor Joseph Conlon demitted as Assessor for the University of Oxford

Professor Joseph Conlon, Tutorial Fellow in Physics at Ƶ, has been demitted as the Assessor for the University of Oxford in an official ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre on 15 March.

The Proctors and Assessor are annually elected senior officers of the University. Ƶs take it in turn to elect someone and are on a cycle such that colleges elect either a Proctor or Assessor roughly once every thirteen years. Professor Conlon was elected by Ƶ and was in office as Assessor from March 2023 to March 2024. 

Joseph was the second Ƶ Assessor; the previous Assessor was Alan Ryan in the 1980s. In between this period, Martin Ceadel and Martin Williams were Proctors. Following the ceremony, Joseph said: 

"This was a fascinating and rewarding year providing a chance to see so much of the university and meet so many interesting people. Thank you to my colleagues at Ƶ for placing their trust in me to do this job, and I now look forward to returning to the everyday life of a tutorial Fellow."

The demitting orations of the Proctors and Assessor can be found in the .