Oxford has the largest and finest academic library system in the UK, providing Ƶ students and academics with a rich and unparalleled range of academic e-resources.

The University’s e-resources are available to all current members of Ƶ, Oxford, complementing Ƶ Library’s important physical collections.



Getting Started

You can connect most easily and seamlessly to the University’s e-resources if you start your search in , especially if you are unused to accessing specialist e-resources in your subject.

  • , listed A-Z.  Home in on your subject in this list, using the subject drop-down provided.
  • , listed A-Z.  This lists which ones are available, but do keyword searches in to discover ejournal articles useful to you.
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(The University moved to a new library management system and updated in August 2023; some links to catalogue records from Ƶ Library webpages will be unavailable for a period of time.)


Top e-Resources across Multiple Subjects

The most important databases across the board — multi-disciplinary, and providing access to an exceptional range of academic content:

Cambridge Core




Your Subject at Ƶ

Listed below is an Oxford LibGuide for each subject taught at Ƶ, Oxford — along with two recommendations per subject from your Librarian, for more specialist databases.

You may find the databases in related subjects useful to you as well, because there is often a lot of subject overlap:


Oxford LibGuide for Your Subject Recommended e-Resource Recommended e-Resource




Accessing e-Resources — Induction Video


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